Claiming on Critical Illness Insurance

Why not let Resolute Claims manage your Critical Illness Insurance claim?
From start to finish we will take care of everything, allowing you to focus on you and your health.

Claiming on Critical Illness Insurance

Resolute can take care of every aspect of your Critical Illness claim. These types of claims can be complex and require a great deal of your attention at a time when you should be focusing on getting better. We will manage your claim every step of the way. You won’t have to deal with any insurance companies or lots of paperwork and form filling as we’ll take care of that. Your dedicated claims consultant will provide regular updates and chase insurance companies for all the information.

The main benefit of using out service is that it gives you time back and allows you to focus on yourself and your health. You can be assured that your claim is in excellent hands with our experienced and skilled advisers there for you every step of the way.

How to Claim on Critical Illness Insurance

Of course, you can make a claim on Critical Illness Insurance yourself. You can visit our FAQ page here for more information on what to expect.

Help Claiming on Critical Illness Insurance

Resolute are experts in the field of Critical Illness insurance claims. We have two main areas of expertise. Firstly, we help people overturn rejected Critical Illness claims, where they have been treated unfairly. Secondly, we help customers with their initial claims. The benefit of this is that we can identify and address any concerns the insurance company may have before they become an issue.

We work for you, not the insurance company so we are always looking out for your best interests and strive to get you the best outcome possible.

What Will Resolute Claims Do?

When you call Resolute Claims (or book an appointment here for a call back) you will be assigned an individual claims consultant. Their role is to manage every aspect of your claim, provide regular updates on how your claim is progressing and be the main point of contact if you have any questions.

We will fill in all forms and speak to the insurance company on your behalf. We will regularly chase for information to be assessed and make sure they are no unnecessary delays.

What Information Do You Need to Claim On My Critical Illness Insurance?

Your claims consultant will explain exactly what we need on the call, but this might include:

  • Histology report, hospital discharge report (any medical information that confirms your diagnosis)
  • GP and Consultant’s details
  • Two forms of ID for the person contacting us
  • Details of the Insurance Policy (Policy schedule or any correspondence from the insurer)

This information will ensure that your claim proceeds smoothly and is assessed as quickly as possible.


To give people flexibility we offer two charging structure that are designed to suit our customer’s individual needs. Customers can either pay an upfront fee or chose to work on a no win no fee basis. This means if we are not successful in making a claim, you do not have to pay us anything.

We would always suggest speaking to friends and family before deciding what to do next.

If you would like to find out more about our fees and charges, they can be found here (under the help to claim table).

What Is a Critical Illness?

To comply with ABI guidelines, Critical Illness policies need to cover a minimum standard of health conditions, such as heart attacks and cancer.

These conditions cover the vast majority of claims made on insurance policies. Many insurance companies will cover other conditions, for example Multiple Sclerosis (MS), dementia or loss of limbs.

Heart Attack and Critical Illness

Hear attacks represent almost 40% of all claims and can have a substantial impact on a person’s health. Insurance companies will only cover heart attacks of a “certain severity”. In their terms and conditions insurance companies will have certain terms like “characteristic rise in cardiac enzymes or troponin” and “electronic changes seen on an ECG”. Insurance companies use these findings to identify if your heart attack was “severe” enough.

This can often be a complicated process but Resolute will carefully assess all medical documentation to ensure there are no surprises along the claims process.

Cancer and Critical Illness

Cancer is another common reason people claim on their Critical Illness insurance. Insurance companies have general exclusions and generally won’t cover cancers that are classed as pre-malignant or non-invasive. Some have exclusions for specific cancers, such as prostate cancer, which normally needs to have a Gleeson score above 7 (or historically above T2a N0 M0).

Although these are general exclusions, some insurance providers offer enhanced cover that will pay-out on these conditions.

Resolute Claims can handle every aspect of your claim for you so you don’t have to worry about policy terms and conditions or exclusions.

Time Frames

The average timeframe, from making a Critical Insurance claim to receiving the funds, can vary depending on the complexity of the case. In our experience claims can be as quick as six weeks or as long as sixteen weeks.

This depends on several factors. For instance, some insurance companies are taking thirty working days (that’s six weeks!) to assess any medical information that comes in. Additionally, some GPs and Consultants are taking four to six weeks to issue medical reports. This can cause additional time to be added to your claim.

We will gather as much information as possible at the start of your claim to make sure needless delays are reduced and that the claims process is as efficient as possible.

What To Do Next

If you are interested in our service, you can speak to one of our consultants for free information and guidance on 0333 050 8792. You can also chat with a consultant online using our webchat function or book an appointment here.

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