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Complaining about a Financial Services Provider

What Other Financial Complaints Can We Help With

We offer a wide range of support within several different areas. If you feel let down by your financial service provider in areas such as:

  • Mortgage mis-selling. Most mortgage mis-selling occurred when people were advised to re-mortgage and take on additional borrowing (possibly consolidating debts). Often the risks of doing this were never properly explained and have cost some people tens of thousands of pounds more than they would have paid otherwise. Often people may have been placed in IVA’s and Trust Deeds at the same time. If you feel that you were sold a mortgage that may have been mis-sold, then we can help. Speak to Resolute for some free and impartial guidance.
  • Packaged bank account charges. Often these products were sold alongside a mortgage or other financial products such as credit cards/loans. If you were advised that you needed to take these to obtain the product or if there was an insurance element to the packaged bank account, you may be due compensation. We offer a free assessment and checking service to see if you have a claim.
  • General financial complaints. If you feel let down by your financial service provider we can offer and honest and impartial check to see if you may be due compensation. We have experts in finance and banking fields that can provide free and impartial guidance specific to you. You can call us on 0333 050 8792 for more information.

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If you have been declined while trying to claim on a life insurance, critical illness, or income protection policy then we can help. We also help with all other financial service complaints, for example, mis-sold pensions and insurance cover.

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